Team Bio: Youngjoo Park


Hello hello,

My name is Youngjoo, or YJ, and I’m going to India! I’m from Beaverton, OR and I can’t believe I’ve already finished my third year at SPU. I’m currently studying Psychology and am hoping to go to graduate school for School Counseling. I’m also a big fan of Keanu Reeves and Mexican food.

I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to go to India and serve. I’m looking forward to the ways that God will be opening my eyes and humbling my heart and I appreciate all the prayers and support our team has received in the last few months. God will be, and has been, doing great things in India. Just 3 days to go!!


Team Bio: Kelsey Trautman



My name is Kelsey and I just graduated from Seattle Pacific with a B.A. in English Literature. I plan to eventually go to seminary, but in the meantime I am just spending time to listen to God. This year I will be working at SPU’s Image Journal, putting my degree to good use!

I love to travel, and am passionate about issues of injustice and illiteracy, and so the opportunity to go to India and work with the Dalits is incredibly humbling. While it is not going to be my first time overseas, I have a feeling it will be an experience unlike anything else.

Quick facts about things that I love:
Favourite Book: Les Miserables by Victor Hugo
Favourite Foods: tea, cucumbers, pineapple fried rice
Favourite Movies: Moonrise Kingdom, Harold and Maude, The Wedding Singer

Team Bio: Jasmine Brickley


My name is Jasmine Brickley. I am going to be a junior this year at SPU and I’m well on my way towards a B.A. in Accounting. As you could probably guess, I want to be an accountant when I graduate. However, that’s not all I want to do. When I’m not accounting, I want to be on short-term missions all over the world (like this one!) and helping others be able to do the same. Some of my hopes for this trip are that it will serve as a learning experience for how to effectively help the Dalits and that it will open the door to more short-term mission opportunities in the future.

To get to know me a little better, I’ve listed for you ten random things I love:

– Oregon

– Adventures

– Water and trees

– Music (especially classic rock)

– Chopping wood

– Arts and crafts

– Animals (particularly dogs, deer, coyotes, and octopi)

– Seinfeld and the Mary Tyler Moore Show

– History

– Stars (the ones in space—not celebrities)

So yes, there’s a little bit of info about me. I’m super excited about this trip, my team, all that we’re going to learn from it, and helping the Dalits in whatever ways we can.


Team Bio: Amanda Theel

Hello Readers!

I am Amanda Theel, a junior at Seattle Pacific majoring in Art History. I love culture, history, and ad­­­­venture so this trip is perfect for me. This past December God called me to apply to SPRINT and I was placed on this wonderful trip to India! I am beyond excited for what He has in store for us. I am excited to eat all the delicious foods, meet wonderful people, bond with the girls, and serve the Indian community. God has so much in store for us so keep praying and supporting us. Only 4 days until we go International!!!!

Team Bio: Julia Lee


Hello my name is Julia Lee and I am from University Place, Washington 🙂 I am currently a junior at SPU…Well I guess now I am a senior. I am majoring in Psychology and I am not sure what I am going to do with a major in psych. The only thing I am sure of is that I want a career in the medical field. I really like to cook and definitely love to eat delicious food 🙂

I am very excited for this experience God has in store for me and for the team through this trip. I hope that I am able to convey the abundant love God has for the children in India. I can’t wait to meet the people there and build relationships with the children. Thank you for all the support and please continue to pray for us! God Bless~

Six days until …

Six days until takeoff!

We are all busy with getting our immunisations, buying skirts and sturdy sandals. As we get closer to leaving, please continue to be praying for all of us and for the incredible people we will be encountering. We couldn’t have made it this far without all of your support and prayers.

Stay tuned!

Getting Ready!

Hello followers and supporters! 
As we prepare to end the school year, we are all getting more and more excited about our coming trip. Thank you for all of the support along the way, we couldn’t have done it without you! 

In the weeks to come we will be posting about pre-trip preparations and of course while we are there to keep you updated about how our trip is going. 

We look forward to sharing our journey with you! Stay tuned.