Team Bio: Jasmine Brickley


My name is Jasmine Brickley. I am going to be a junior this year at SPU and I’m well on my way towards a B.A. in Accounting. As you could probably guess, I want to be an accountant when I graduate. However, that’s not all I want to do. When I’m not accounting, I want to be on short-term missions all over the world (like this one!) and helping others be able to do the same. Some of my hopes for this trip are that it will serve as a learning experience for how to effectively help the Dalits and that it will open the door to more short-term mission opportunities in the future.

To get to know me a little better, I’ve listed for you ten random things I love:

– Oregon

– Adventures

– Water and trees

– Music (especially classic rock)

– Chopping wood

– Arts and crafts

– Animals (particularly dogs, deer, coyotes, and octopi)

– Seinfeld and the Mary Tyler Moore Show

– History

– Stars (the ones in space—not celebrities)

So yes, there’s a little bit of info about me. I’m super excited about this trip, my team, all that we’re going to learn from it, and helping the Dalits in whatever ways we can.



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