Another report

Hello friends!

Here’s a more in-depth update from the team. At first they had been worried that they would miss out on Indian life by staying in the hotel accommodations provided by their hosts. As they report, however, they’re meeting people and building friendships.

Thanks for your support of this team!


Hi Owen!

So heres how our first couple of days have been. When we first arrived we felt a little uncomfortable with the overwhelming hospitality. When we asked for advice, you say to stay open to it which we have! We have come to befriend and love the hotel staff and they seem like family now. Even though we want to stay on the base we feel comfortable here. We also met a group of girls from Canada at the hotel so they became encouraging since we were not the only ones here. Also being in the India culture has shown us that India is very hospitable wherever we go.

We love our host. He is a lot of fun, extremely friendly, and somehow deals with all our loud giggles. The first day we went to campus and met ALL the people on campus. I wish I could say we remembered all their names but sadly we do not. The people are all very loving, welcoming, and have a huge passion for God. After going to campus we went saree shopping. The store was huge and overwhelming but our host was able to get us to the right counters. This is where we learned about India’s hospitality because they liked to help us a lot! We were able to leave the store with fashionable indian wear.

The next day we went to our first school. We were only there for two days so we sadly couldn’t spend a lot of time with them but we loved the school very much. The kids were very excited to have us. They shook our hands, smiled, and waved at us a lot! The teachers were also fantastic. They were very encouraging and they showed us what serving God is all about. Our last day, they thanked us for us helping them but I do not think they realized how much of an impact they were to us. The principal gave us certificates that kids made for us which was fantastic! Thankfully the school is on campus so we hope to visit it again but it was definitely a good first school. 😀

Thanks for being patient with us and sorry to make you worry! We will keep you updated!

Love, India team


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