Second school and adventures!

Hello all from India! We cannot believe our last day at our second school is tomorrow. We have fallen in love with the kids and staff, even though it has been hard getting the kids to settle down and listen to us. They love our songs and games especially the song boom chicka boom boom and the game Scattegories. This school is an hour drive away from the city but we love the scenery and community the whole way. It is mostly farmland with lots of animals and flora. We daily run into goat traffic when we are close to the school. At the school they have geese, turkey, and guinea hens as guards. They watch out for cobras around the school boundary and make loud noises when they see them so the watchman can come and kill the cobras. Sometimes the turkey just shows up to classes on occasion. Sadly the turkey is two feet from the grave. The manager has been extremely welcoming along with the whole staff who ensure we have a fair amount of breaks. One of our favorite staff members is the PE teacher. The children tend to fear him while we envy his authority and control over them. He is the only one who can walk into a classroom and the children automatically get silent. The children have been teaching us their favorite games and a few Telugu words. Their favorite game is kabbaddi which we are asked to play multiple times a day. It involves some form of tagging, grabbing, and running but we still do not really understand it. Although at the end of the day we are tired it is easy to see Gods face in the children’s joy and enthusiasm. We are excited to see what lies ahead but it will be sad to say goodbye to this school. Keep us in your prayers and thoughts. More updates to come!


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