School three

Hello again,
These last few days have been eventful for Team India. We started this week at our third school which we were surprised to find out is in the heart of the slums. It was a rough adjustment for all of us seeing the stark difference from the countryside last week. We’re faced with poverty every moment of the day. But we also find encouragement from the joy we see in the students and teachers.

Yesterday, Tuesday, we had the opportunity to visit some other slum villages due to a strike in the city that had school canceled. It was a blessing to be able to worship and fellowship with the village believers. They were extremely hospitable and welcomed us graciously. They told us their stories and their day to day struggles for security, food, and stability. We were surprised to find out that many of the children we met there attend the first school we visited.

After visiting the slums, we decided to visit a beauty parlor run by women rescued from trafficking. In the spirit of adventure, Jasmine, YJ, and Julia got impromptu haircuts which turned out differently than anticipated for some of them. We were glad to be able to support their ministry though.

We have two more days at the third school and we are seeing God at work in the lives of the students and ourselves. Some specific prayer requests we have are for clarity and discernment for the team and for the physical and spiritual needs of the students. Thank you for your prayers!


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