Weekend and start of the 4th week!

This weekend, we were very adventurous in the city of Hyderabad! First, we went to a mall which was very Americanized; we felt pretty awkward there but it was definitely an experience. Then we went to Lumbini Park which is on the lake near our hotel. From this park, we caught a boat to the Buddha statue that sits in the middle of the lake. That was also an experience, seeing the dark green water and giant Buddha statue consecrated by the Dalai lama on a rainy day. Afterwards, we walked around the park, went on the Revolving Tower and a kiddie car ride, two of the sketchy rides at the park. They were basically awesome! After that we went to a laser show which played Indian music and told the story of the city of Hyderabad. We enjoyed being out in the city and seeing the nightlife for a little bit.
We just started our 4th and final school. It is an hour and a half drive to get there so it is very scenic and lots of bonding happens in the car. The school is in a farming community and very small since it is only kindergarten to 5th grade. The kids are adorable as always and very smart. We are very excited to see what God will show us here. Please keep us in your prayers that we do His will. Thanks for following our blog and more updates to come!
PS YJ and Jasmine want all our viewers at home to know about the animals around here. Today we witnessed a butterfly migration and a chameleon crossing the road. That a bad joke waiting to happen. Hope you enjoy the animal update!


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