Last few hours before we leave…

We’re waiting to be picked up to be taken to the airport and we’re a little melancholy to be leaving. This month flew by and it seems strange to be going home. However we can’t wait to share our stories with everyone about the different ways we encountered God in India.

Saturday morning, we returned to the third school and found out we were leading the AWANA program that day. We made an impromptu skit on the Good Samaritan with Jasmine starring as the donkey and sang many songs with the kids. It was really great to be back at that school and see the students there again. It was a very joyful morning.

Sunday we had our last church service on campus.

Yesterday, Monday, we returned to campus to debrief about our trip with our hosts. We fit in some last minute shopping as well and it was fun to explore the city one last night.

This morning we decided to spend our last day by returning to NTR gardens and rode the park rides again for the last time. It was a nice way to end our morning before we returned to the hotel to pack our belongings.

That wraps up our adventures in India and see you all in the States.

Team cuddling

PS. At the hotel we met another team from Nebraska that had originally fundraised the money to build the second school we visited. This year they’re making a documentary which will be on . There’s an introduction video about the Dalits and the second school that we enjoyed watching and wanted to share with you guys as well.


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